Determining Available Lock Keys

This routine enables you to find out which of the lock keys are detectable as unique events.

Use the following call to determine which lock keys are available to your program:

call x"AF" using    adis-function

where adis-function and adis-parameter are defined in the Working-Storage Section of your program as follows:

 01 adis-function       pic 9(2) comp-x.
 01 adis-parameter      pic 9(4) comp-x.


is 45.
is the lock keys available to your program. The 16 bits in adis-parameter refer to lock keys as follows, with bit 0 the least significant:
Bit Associated Key
4 - 15 Reserved
3 Ins Lock
2 Caps Lock
1 Num Lock
0 Scroll Lock

A value of 1 for any particular bit indicates that the associated key is uniquely detectable.