Micro Focus Executable Files

To determine the format of a Micro Focus executable file, use the cobfile command. This command checks for intermediate code files (.int files), generated code files (.gnt files) Animator information files (.idy files) produced on Visual COBOL (32-bit and 64-bit) and OCDS Version 4.1 and later.

The cobfile command takes the following format:

cobfile file [file] ...

where file is the filename of a Micro Focus executable file.

For example:

cobfile myprog.int

displays one of the following:

myprog.int: Micro Focus 32-bit intermediate code file
myprog.int: Micro Focus 64-bit intermediate code file

If you supply more than one file parameter to the cobfile command, the command displays a list of results in the same order as the parameters, with one line per file.

If the cobfile command does not recognise a a filename supplied in a file parameter as a Micro Focus format file it passes the parameter to the UNIX file command.