Format of a Run-time Configurable

Each run-time configurable is specified on one line in the run-time configuration file. The format for run-time tunables is:

set configurable_name=value

while for environment variables, the format is:

setenv configurable_name value
The parameters are:
The name of the run-time configurable. This will be the name of a run-time tunable described in this chapter, or an environment variable described in the appendix Environment Variables. For details on dd_ filename mappings see your File Handling book.
The value to be assigned to the run-time configurable. The values that can be assigned to a run-time tunable are described in this chapter. For a run-time tunable, value is validated according to the type and values allowed for that tunable, and the value of cobconfig_error_report.

Where value is numeric, a leading zero indicates that the value should be treated as octal (that is, base 8). For example, 07 (octal) is 7 (decimal), while 010 (octal) is 8 (decimal); however, 08 (octal) and 09 (octal) are invalid octal values. Hexadecimal values can also be set by using numeric values that begin with with 0x.

Note that each space in the definition can be replaced with tabs or more than one space.

For example

setenv dd_MYFILE /usr/mydir/myfile 
set cobconfig_error_report=TRUE