Fixed-length Character Strings

Fixed-length character strings (CHAR) are SQL data types with a driver-defined maximum length. They are declared in COBOL as:
PIC X(n)
where n is an integer between 1 and the maximum length.

Host Variable Formats

OpenESQL and DB2 ECM
01 char-field1      PIC X(5).
01 char-field2      PIC X(254).

The largest supported fixed length character string is 254 bytes for the DB2 ECM. If you need a character string greater than 254 bytes in length, use a VARCHAR field.

OpenESQL trims trailing spaces from input parameters before sending them to the database server. Trimming the trailing spaces can improve performance when comparing CHAR and VARCHAR values.

Important: For OpenESQL, the database server pads the value with spaces as necessary. When space padding is required for a host variable used in an expression, use an explicit SQL CAST function to ensure that the server converts the host variable to the required data type.
01 char-field3      SQL TYPE IS CHAR(200).

The char-field3 format uses the CHAR SQL TYPE.