FS099-W File I/O status was not as expected. Returned status: status Expected status: status Action code: text File: filename.

This message indicates that the status returned during the recovery process was not the same as that when the operation was performed during the normal Fileshare Server processing when the log file was written.

The Returned status is the status that the Rollforward Recovery Utility encountered when trying to apply the updates from the recovery log file to the data files.

The Expected Status is the status that was returned when this operation was originally performed by the Fileshare Server (and when the log file was being written).

The Action code is the operation code that is being performed.

The name of the file is included in the message.

This error indicates one of the following:


Note the expected and returned error codes and take appropriate action. Also ensure that the correct version of the data files are in place and try to re-run the rollforward recovery.