Common Questions and Answers

Restriction: This topic applies only when a Database Connectors license has been installed via the Micro Focus License Management System.
On HP-UX platforms, which type of COBOL run time system - non-threaded or multi-threaded - should I use when connecting to the database?
You need to use the multi-threaded RTS, because Oracle is multi-threaded. If you use the non-threaded RTS, you will get a database connection error, because HP-UX does not allow the mixing of multi-threaded and non-threaded code.
On other UNIX/Linux platforms, you can use either run time system.
When I try to open a file for output, I get the error 9/83, with a secondary error of 904 Invalid Column Name. Why?
One of your record's data items probably has the same name as an Oracle reserved word. Locate the column by comparing a file trace of the CREATE TABLE to Oracle's list of reserved words and then apply the NAME XFD directive to the column in question.
I created a table the last time I ran the application, and now I can't find it. Why?
This is probably a file (table) ownership problem. If you were running the application under a different user name when you created the file, that table may not be visible unless the creating user's name is listed in your USER_PATH ACUFH configuration file variable.
Can Database Connectors support a full datetime format?
The finest time granularity that Oracle supports is one second. Fractions of a second are not supported. In order to achieve this, you must be sure the xfd date code is correct and specify a date-time string in your COBOL application, as opposed to just a date. For additional information, see the reference topic Date XFD directive.