cobkeymp Tables

Values within the tables found in cobkeymp (or as the internal defaults) which begin with the prefix KEY_ represent values that have been translated using the terminfo database and the UNIX terminal handling library. These values are independent of the terminal you are currently using, and thus you can define keys which are not actually present on your particular keyboard.

You do not need to create a different cobkeymp file for each terminal type on your system. Instead, try to ensure that your cobkeymp is suitable for as many different types of terminal as possible. All terminal specific decoding is done by the run-time system using theterminfo database. However, you may have to supply alternative keystrokes for those terminals which do not have special function keys. Full details on the KEY_ values are given in your UNIX documentation.

If you decide to have multiple cobkeymp files rather than using the above procedure, you can do this by renaming cobkeymp and then setting up a dd_ environment variable at run time. For example:


causes the run-time system to look for key configuration information in newname.