File Handling

The way you integrate your own security modules into Fileshare has changed. Also, the FILEMAXSIZE setting is different for Visual COBOL and for Net Express and Server Express .

Using security modules

The way you integrate your own security modules (fhrdrlngpwd, fhrdrpwd, fsseclog and fssecopn) into Fileshare has changed.

In Visual COBOL, you no longer relink Fileshare but you need to supply your own separate files, which are .dll files on Windows or shared objects on UNIX. For more information, see Writing Your Own FHRdrLngPwd Module, File Access Validation Module and Logon Validation Module in the File Handling section of your product Help.

To use fsseclog and fssecopn, you need to link one or both of them into a cobfssecurity.dll or a shared object and place on the search path. Fileshare will issue a message indicating that it has loaded user security modules.

On UNIX, you no longer use fsclose to call Fileshare Manager. You need to use cobfsclose instead.

Sharing data files between applications built in Visual COBOL and others built using Net Express or Server Express

If you have applications that access the same data files, all those applications should be built with the same FILEMAXSIZE setting otherwise file corruption may occur. However, you need to be aware that applications built with Visual COBOL use a default setting of FILEMAXSIZE=8, while those built in Net Express or Server Express use FILEMAXSIZE=4.