Running Applications

You run a program from a terminal window in the same way whether you are running intermediate code, generated code or callable shared objects.

Running native COBOL programs

You use cobrun to run native COBOL programs.

You can specify switches to control the behavior of the program at run time, how you can specify parameters on the command line that your program can then read, and how you can control the behavior of the run-time system.

You can get statistics on the run-time performance of a COBOL program using the Profiler utility.

Running managed COBOL programs

You use cobjrun to run JVM COBOL programs. This initializes the COBOL Run-Time System and then starts the JVM to run the class. The JVM provides all necessary management services which also enable seamless interoperation of COBOL programs with programs in other JVM languages.

You also use cobjrun to run native COBOL applications calling Java or to call Java applications from a COBOL run-time environment.