This standard runtime function performs any validations you defined for the named panel field/control. It does not display any error message for the field/control, but simply reports the validity of the field/control data to the application program through RMP--VALID-INPUT.

Note This standard runtime function is not the preferred method of validating fields/controls in RM/Panels. Use the VALIDATE ALL FIELDS standard runtime function as the primary method to validate fields/controls. Use VALIDATE FIELD when only one field/control is to be validated.

Required Parameters

The application program must set the name of the field/control to be validated in RMP-- FIELD-NAME. If the field/control occurs more than once, the occurrence number must be specified in RMP--FIELD-OCCUR. The occurrence numbers are equivalent to COBOL subscripts and begin at 1.

Returned Values

If the field/control data is valid, RMP--VALID-INPUT is TRUE; otherwise RMP--INVALID-INPUT is TRUE.

Additional Usage Notes

This standard runtime function is not commonly used since field/control validation is performed whenever a panel field/control is input.


Status value Description
0 The function executed successfully.
1 The field/control name is invalid.
2 The occurrence number is invalid.
5 The panel is not in this library
6 The library does not exist.
14 A COBOL input/output error was encountered on the panel library during execution of this function. To determine the exact nature of the I/O error, use the C$RERR subprogram.