Compiling Tests

Restriction: Compiled fixture files with the base name mfunit will not run within the Micro Focus Unit Testing Framework.

Native COBOL code

For native COBOL tests, the program that contains your test case(s) can be compiled to one of the following formats: .so, .int, or .gnt.

cob -zU -e "" mytestfixture.cbl
cob -e "" mytestfixture.cbl

Once it is compiled, you must run the resulting file from the shell.

Procedural JVM COBOL code

You must compile the procedural JVM COBOL programs as .dll using the JVMGEN (sub) Compiler directive. For example:


mkdir bin
cob -j myunittest.cbl -C 'jvmgen(sub)' -C 'iloutput(bin)'
cobmfjarprogmap -directory bin
jar -cvf myunittest.jar -C bin .
cobmfurunj myunittest.jar