Declares a compilation variable to be used in ISO2002 conditional compilation.




Parameter Definition
define-name The name of a compilation variable
numeric-lit A numeric literal; the assigned value must be an integer
true Equivalent of Boolean literal B'1'
false Equivalent of Boolean literal B'0'
alphanum-lit An alphanumeric literal


Default: Not set
Phase: Syntax check
$SET: Any


If a true or false parameter is specified, the category is Boolean; otherwise parentheses indicate a category of numeric, and quotation marks indicate a category of alphanumeric.

To define several compilation variables, use the DEFINE option repeatedly (that is, one compilation variable per DEFINE directive).

Values assigned to compilation variables by this option need to be activated in the source code, using the ISO2002 conditional compilation syntax >>DEFINE define-name AS PARAMETER; see ISO2002 Conditional Compilation for more details.