Test Results Color Coding

To configure the colorization of test output beyond the standard colors, you append color coding pair values to the value of the MFUNIT_COLORS environment variable.

The following table shows the default colors used as the foreground text if you do not explicitly specify an identifier.

Color marker identifier default description
Pass information ps 32 Green
Fail information fl 31;1 Red + bold
Error information er 31 Red
Skipped information sp 34 Blue
Note: To apply bold to any of the colors, append ;1 to the color value, as shown for the fail information.

Use the following values with an identifier to override the default:

Color Value
Bold 1
Black 30
Red 31
Green 32
Yellow 33
Blue 34
Magenta 35
Cyan 36
White 37
Bright black 90
Bright red 91
Bright green 92
Bright yellow 93
Bright blue 94
Bright magenta 95
Bright cyan 96
Bright white 97


The following variable results in the pass information displaying in bold cyan, and the error information displaying in green.

export MFUNIT_COLORS=ansi:ps=36;1:er=32