New to Visual COBOL Development Hub

Visual COBOL Development Hub is a development environment for Linux and UNIX platforms that enables you to edit, compile and debug the code directly on the target machine. It provides the COBOL compiler, Animator and a variety of command line tools to help you maintain your existing applications directly on target UNIX or Linux platform and to help you upgrade any existing Server Express applications to Visual COBOL.

Where to start?

If you've never used Visual COBOL Development Hub before, this product help includes the following resources to help you get started:

What next?

Visual COBOL Development Hub provides a variety of features and tools suited to help you get on with your programming effectively and efficiently.

Explore the available demonstrations to help you get started with Visual COBOL Development Hub and introduce you to its features.

For a more contemporary developer experience, use Visual COBOL Development Hub in client-server scenarios where you develop your applications remotely using Micro Focus Visual COBOL for Eclipse installed on a local developer's machine.