Restrictions and Limitations

The following restrictions apply when using applications that contain RM/Panels

No Panel Editor in Visual COBOL
The RM/Panels product includes both a runtime and a designer/editor of the panels. The RM/Panels Designer, the application that enables you to create or modify RM/Panels library files, is not available in Visual COBOL. However, the RM/COBOL version can still be used to modify the library files.
No End-User Panel Editor
In RM/COBOL, you can enable an option to bring up the Panel Editor at run-time. This is not supported in the Visual COBOL version of RM/Panels.
Character-based controls only
On Windows, controls are always character-based. In some versions of RM/COBOL, certain controls could be converted on-the-fly to Windows controls. This is not supported in the Visual COBOL version of RM/Panels. (UNIX versions have never had this feature.)
Mouse support
On UNIX platforms, there is no mouse support for RM/Panels applications.
RM/Panels applications not interchangeable between platforms
RM/Panels applications designed for Windows are not compatible on UNIX platforms and vice versa. This is because of the difference in line terminators and line draw characters between the two platforms.
Panels 2.0 support only
There were significant changes to the Panels library file between versions 1.0 and 2.0. The runpan2 program will support the Panels 2.0 library file only. Refer to the RM/Panels Reference Manual for instruction on converting from version 1.0 to 2.0.