Setting the OpenESQL Preprocessor and Compiler Directive Options

You can specify the OpenESQL preprocessor and its directive options using any of the following methods:
In your Visual COBOL Project
Before compiling from within Visual COBOL:
  1. Open your project properties and .
  2. From the drop-down list, select OpenESQL.
On the Command Line
Use the SQL compiler directive, followed by the DBMAN option to specify the type of database access:


Where dbaType is ODBC or JDBC.

In a Directives File
You can include OpenESQL preprocessor directives in the cobol.dir system-wide directives file, a user directives file, or both. See System-wide Directives File, cobol.dir and User Directives File for details.
Embedded in a Program
You can also specify the OpenESQL preprocessor and compiler directive options on the program level by embedding a $SET statement into the program itself starting in column 1 on the first line of the program:
$SET SQL(DBMAN=dbaType [SQLdirOpts])

Where dbaType is ODBC or JDBC, and SQLdirOpts is one or more additional directive options.

Important: Use this method only when the program requires a preprocessor different from other programs in an application.