mf.esmq Properties

This component provides calls to the WebSphere MQ XA switch module.

The following table lists the properties of the mf.esmq component and shows the event information that can be included in the trace for each property.

Property Property Description Level Event Id Event Description
ALL Enables all of the tracing properties - - -
MQLOAD Switch load file events DEBUG 0 Switch load file loaded
START Start of work units DEBUG 1 Unit of work started
END End of work units DEBUG 2 Unit of work finished
OPEN Opening of MQI channels DEBUG 3 MQI channel to the server queue manager opened
CLOSE Closing of MQI channels DEBUG 4 MQI channel to the server queue manager closed
COMMIT Commit decisions DEBUG 5 Decision made to commit the unit of work
ROLLBACK Rollback decisions DEBUG 6 Decision made to rollback the unit of work
PREPARE Commit preparation DEBUG 7 Preparation to commit the unit of work started
OPEN-dfheibmq XA OPEN INFO 8 Traces LOAD of dfheibmq (where all the MQOPEN/MQPUT, etc... calls are).
MODIFIED XA OPEN INFO 10 Modified Open String with full path for casaxlib.