mf.mffh.xfh Properties

This component provides the Micro Focus File Handler system.

The following table lists the properties of the mf.mffh.xfh component and shows the event information that can be included in the trace for each property.

Enables all of the XFH properties
Enable/Disable tracing on all files.
FILE: <filename>
Enable/Disable tracing on specific file
Enable/Disable base events.
Level Event Id Event Description
INFO 1 Entry
INFO 2 Exit
INFO 3 Call File Handler
INFO 4 File Handler Exit
INFO 5 Initialization Start
INFO 6 Initialization End
INFO 7 Final Start
INFO 8 Final End
INFO 9 Processing other Exit
INFO 11 Base Entry Point
INFO 18 Call Module
DEBUG 19 Allocate Handle
DEBUG 20 De-allocate Handle
DEBUG 21 Dynamic Custom File Handler Library loaded
DEBUG 22 Dynamic Custom File Handler Load Failure
DEBUG 23 Dynamic Custom File Handler Loaded
DEBUG 24 Dynamic Custom File Handler Environment Parsing Failure
DEBUG 25 Dynamic Custom File Handler environment set
Memory allocation and de-allocation events.
Level Event Id Event Description
DEBUG/ERROR 12 Memory allocated
DEBUG/ERROR 13 Memory Re-allocated
Byte Steam layer events.
Level Event Id Event Description
INFO 100 Open
INFO 101 Open output
INFO 102 Delete
INFO 103 Copy
INFO 104 Rename
INFO 105 Close
INFO 106 Read
INFO 107 Seek end
INFO 108 Write
INFO 109 Set sema
INFO 110 Release sema
INFO 111 Lock file
INFO 112 Unlock file
INFO 113 Unlock
INFO 114 Test lock
INFO 115 Get lock
INFO 116 Release lock
INFO 117 Flush file
INFO 118 Configuration info
INFO 119 Message
INFO 120 Pass through
INFO 121 Get parameters
Calls to JSEB events.
Level Event Id Event Description
- 16 JSEB Base
Calls to Catalog events.
Level Event Id Event Description
- 17 Catalog Base
Configuration setting events.
Level Event Id Event Description
INFO 10 Processing name
INFO 14 Change Processing name
INFO 15 9/139 Error