System requirements

To run XML Extensions, you must have certain hardware and software installed on your computer.

The system requirements for UNIX include the following:

The XML Extensions hardware and software requirements are the same as Visual COBOL. Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions are available.

Shared objects, and, which are provided with Visual COBOL 2.3.1 and later. (A schema processor and an XSLT transformation processor are included in these shared objects.) For 64-bit UNIX,, and, which are also provided with Visual COBOL 2.3.1 and later, are required. (Before 2.3.1, these shared objects were statically linked into cobxmlext[64].so.)

  • The XML parser (libxml) and the XSLT transformation processor (libxslt) from the C libraries for the GNOME project are included in XML Extensions.
  • While the Windows implementation continues to support the use of schema files, the UNIX implementation does not currently support this capability. Schema support in the underlying XML parser (libxml) is still under development.