Restriction: This topic applies only when a Database Connectors license has been installed via the Micro Focus License Management System.

These ACUFH configuration file variables allow you to fine-tune the declaration of cursors. In general, cursors are declared with the following syntax:

DECLARE cursor_name option_1 CURSOR option_2 FOR
  <select....> option_3

In other words, different phrases can go in each of the option_X places. Also, different versions of Microsoft SQL Server allow different options in each of those places. Because of this, Database Connectors allows customization of the cursor declaration via these three variables. The values of these variables are placed verbatim into the declare phrase when building a cursor. Note that any errors in the values of these variables may cause Database Connectors to be inoperable. Be sure to read the Microsoft SQL Server documentation to determine what phrases are allowed in each case.

The default values are as follows (the limit is 65 characters for each option):

OPTION_2: blank
OPTION_3: "For read only"
Note: This variable was added because of an issue in SQL Server 6.5 and SQL Server 7.0 that would return incorrect results if this phrase was not used.