mf.rts Properties

This component provides behavior of the run-time system.

The following table lists the properties of the mf.rts component and shows the event information that can be included in the trace.

Name Value Description
ALL true|false Enables/disables all properties
API true|false API entry/exit information for both internal and external APIs
CONFIG true|false Run-time configuration events
CONTAINER true|false COBOL container events
DBG true|false Debugging events
ENV true|false Environment variable events
EXTERNAL true|false External data events
FSYS true|false Low-level file I/O level events
JSEM true|false JCL events
LICENSE true|false Licensing events
MEMORY true|false Memory allocation and de-allocation events
MFENTMAP true|false Entry Point Mapper events
MFPM true|false Mainframe Pointer Mapper events (AMODE programs)
PGM true|false User program entry, exit, chain, and link events
PGMLOAD true|false Program load events
PGMSEARCH true|false Program searcher events
PROCESS true|false Child process and run unit events
SIGNAL true|false Signal handling events
SYSPGM true|false System program entry, exit, chain, and link events
THREAD true|false Thread creation and synchronization events
(none) N/A Some key events are always included in the output, such as the initialization and de-initialization of processes, containers and run units.