The File Description Entry (Report Writer)

The file description entry furnishes information concerning the physical structure, identification, and record-names pertaining to a given file.

ANS85  It determines the internal or external attributes of a file connector, of the associated data records, and of the associated data items. The file description entry also determines whether a file-name is a local name or a global name.

General Format


Syntax Rules

  1. The level indicator FD identifies the beginning of the file description entry for a report file and must precede the file-name of the report file.
  2. The clauses which follow file-name-1 can appear in any order.
  3. File-name-1 can only reference a sequential file.
  4. No record description entries can follow the file description entry for a report file.

    OSVSMF  Record description entries are permitted.

  5. The subject of a file description entry that specifies a REPORT clause can be referenced in the procedure division only by the USE statement, the CLOSE statement, or the OPEN statement with the OUTPUT or EXTEND phrase.

General Rules

  1. With the exception of the REPORT clause, all clauses in the file description entry for a report file are presented in the sequential I-O module.
  2. Details on the REPORT clause are presented below.