Deploying EJBs

Restriction: This topic applies only when the Enterprise Server feature is enabled.

Deploying EJBs involves configuring them in the third party Java application server, so that the EJBs, resource adapter and Enterprise Server can locate each other.

When you deploy an EJB you use the interface for your third-party application server. Many application servers provide a Web-based interface, such as the WebLogic Server Console, which takes you step by step through the deployment process. Most third-party application servers require the EJB to be packaged in an application .ear file, together with the client and all the necessary deployment descriptors and other files.

This .ear file is generated automatically when you generate a client using the Interface Mapping Toolkit.

If you don't have an application .ear file, you can often use your application server's administration interface to create one, or you can use the jar command.