Error Codes

Error conditions are returned at compilation time as a number and explanation. Further details of these messages are given in the documentation supplied with your database system. Messages referencing host variables might be slightly modified if you are using an older version of DB2 LUW. Hyphens are shown as underscores (_), and there are up to three additional characters which can be ignored at the end of the name. These changes are side effects of modifications made by the DB2 ECM to the SQL code. For more information see the entry for the QUALFIX option in the section DB2 Compiler Directive Options

Error conditions at run time are indicated by non-zero values in SQLCODE. Explanatory text is placed in the MFSQLMESSAGETEXT data item if defined; see the section SQL Communications Area for further details about this data item.

For example:

** External Compiler Module message
** SQ0100 SQL1032N  No start database manager command was 
**                  issued.
** SQLSTATE=57019