Data File Editor window

Use the drop-down list to select a character set for the data file.
Prime Key
Use the drop-down list to select a different key of reference for an indexed file.
IEEE / IBM 390
Use the drop-down list to select the floating-point data format contained within the records, either IEEE or IBM 390 floating point for COMP-1 and COMP-2 fields.
Note: You cannot edit a floating-point field from the Layout view.
Invokes the File Information dialog box.
Data view
Lists the contents of each record in the data file. Key areas in an indexed file are shown in red. If a record layout file has been applied, select a record in this pane to edit its fields in the right pane.
Hexadecimal view
Located at the bottom of the window, this shows selected data in hexadecimal. Key areas in an indexed file are shown in red.
Note: In the Data File Editor, this is visible only when View > Data File Editor > Show Hex is checked.
Layout view

Layout view
This pane shows on the right, and only when a layout file has been applied.
Layout status bar
Displays the name of the layout applied, and its status. Use the up and down arrows on the far right to scroll through the list in the left pane.
usable layout
Indicates that the selected layout is usable.

layout error
Indicates that the layout is in error.
Describes the layout status, including error messages.
Field indicators
Field with no defined condition and without conversion.
Field with a defined condition but no conversion.
Field with conversion but no defined condition.
Field with a defined condition and with conversion.
invalid data
Field contains invalid data.
Field Name
Shows the name of the COBOL field that corresponds to the selected data item.
Shows the COBOL picture clause defined for each field.
Shows the value assigned to the field from the selected record. This field is editable.