Configuring the Data File Editor

Data File Editor configuration is done from the Data File Editor tab of the Data Tools Options dialog box.

Warning Prompts

By default, the Data File Editor prompts you for confirmation each time you attempt to:

  • Edit a record
  • Delete a record
  • Open an indexed file
  • Open a relative file
  • Edit data in a sequential file

You can turn these prompts off by unchecking Update warning and Delete warning. Any changes made during an editing session take effect the next time you open a data file. You can also prevent a prompt from appearing again in a current session by checking its Do not show this message again box.

Data File Backup

The Back up file before editing check box controls whether the Data File Editor makes a backup of each data file that you open. By default, the editor creates a backup automatically. You can use the backup to restore the file to the state it was in before you made your edits.

Backup files are kept in the same folder as the data file. Your data file is copied to filename.dbk. If the data file is indexed using a separate index file, the index is copied to filename.ibk.

Restriction: A backup is not taken if you open a Vision file (IDXFORMAT 17).

Open as Read Only

The Open read only check box controls whether you can open data files in read-only mode or edit mode. By default, this option is unchecked, meaning that you can edit data in the file. When checked, you can other processes can read the file, but you cannot change any of its contents.

Note: Regardless of the Open read only setting, you cannot edit a file that has the Windows read-only attribute.

Typing Mode

The Always overtype in unformatted view checkbox controls whether to use Insert or Overtype mode in the left pane of the Data File Editor window. By default, the mode is Overtype. This reduces the possibility of shifting your data fields. You can switch this off during an editing session by pressing Insert. In this case, you are prompted to confirm the switch.

This setting has no effect in the right pane, where you always edit numeric fields in overtype mode and alphanumeric fields in insert mode.