Configuring the CCI Timeout

By default, CCI waits 120 seconds for a network request to complete before it times it out and returns an error. If a network request has not completed in a period much shorter than this, it can usually be assumed that it is unnecessary to wait any longer. For example, if a Fileshare Server with the correct server-name is not active when a Fileshare Client attempts its first open, the application appears to hang for 120 seconds before a 9/124 status is returned because the server cannot be contacted. See the section Communications Errors in the chapter Error Handling for more details.

You can configure the Fileshare Client to use a shorter timeout period by using the /ct option in the client configuration file, fhredir.cfg. The timeout period is specified in 1/10th seconds.

For example:

/ct 300

This instructs the Fileshare Client to specify that CCI waits for 30 seconds for network requests to complete. After this time it returns a 9/124 status to the application program.