Start Server


This tool issues a start command to the server described by the parameters. In addition, it adds the server to the Server Explorer view if the Directory Server is not already known.

Tool Attribute:

Attribute Type Description
Display name String The name to show for the directory server in the server explorer view.
Host name String The name of or the IP address of the host running the directory server.
Host port String The port number the directory server is running with. This attribute must only contain digits.
Server name String The name of the server that you want to start.
User name String The name of the user to supply when starting the region. If this attribute is supplied empty no name is passed.
Password String The password for the user supplied. If the User name was empty, this too can be empty
Group (optional) String The users group.
Wait String Specifies whether the tool should wait for the server to stop before returning. Valid values are:
  • True
  • False