Get Repository Items


Gets the children of an SVN repository location.


Parameter Name I/O Type Description
Location [M] I String Specifies the full URL of the SVN repository location to obtain items from.
Repository Items [M] O File Specifies a file descriptor pointing to the result file containing the returned children of the given SVN location.

The generated output file descriptor has the following table structure. Property separator is <!>.

Property No Target
1 [M] Path to the child entry inclusively the SVN repository location.
2 [M] Relative path to the SVN child entry within the SVN repository.
3 [M] Name of the SVN child entry.
4 [M] Author of the SVN child entry.
5 [M] Last changed date of the SVN child entry.
6 [M] SVN revision of the child entry.
7[M] AWM match name to identify the type of the SVN child entry.
8 [M] Whether the SVN child entry is locked.