Appendix B: XML Extensions sample application programs

XML Extensions provides several complete and useful sample application programs. The purpose of these self-contained programs is to demonstrate and explain how to perform typical application-building tasks in XML Extensions within a realistic context so that you can better see how to integrate them into your own applications.

Accessing the sample application programs

The sample application programs are included in the XML Extensions samples directory, Samples. Click on the Samples link installed by Visual COBOL to use the Samples Browser to locate the XML Extensions samples and examples.

Each sample application program is intended to reside in a separate subdirectory. For example, the XFORM sample resides in the directory named Samples/xform. Documentation for the sample is contained in the directory in the form of an HTML file.

On Windows systems, each application is packaged as a self-extracting executable program. For example, the XFORM sample is contained in the file Samples/xform/xform.exe. Running this application will extract its component parts. For the XFORM sample, this will produce the files, xform.cbl and xform.htm.

On UNIX systems, the applications were extracted when the samples were installed. The XFORM sample in Samples/xform contains the files, xform.cbl and xform.htm.