Java Element

The linked element type Java Element can be used to model various Java artifacts. Examples for linked Java elements are the source (src) folder, Java packages, compile units, Java type, Java field, Java method, Java library, or class file.


Attribute Description
ID Definition Specifies the ID definition of a Java element that consists of a Java element identifier property.
Matchname Specifies the unique match name provided by a tool type to identify a Java resource.

The Java function package provides the tool Get Java Elements to retrieve all Java elements for a given Eclipse/Java resource. The default match name used by this tool for Java elements is JAVA_ELEMENT.

The tool enables you to specify different match names to be returned for the various Java resource types. See Get Java Elements for more information.

Get Children This is a reference to an action descriptor which contains tools to fetch the dependent resources of the given linked Eclipse/Java resource. The tool Get Java Elements can be used to retrieve the dependent resources of a linked Eclipse/Java resource.