Searching using Micro Focus Search

You can use the Micro Focus search feature to make it easier to find files within your projects; you can search by file type or for files that cause build errors or warnings:

  • Select Search > Micro Focus, and type the file search pattern.

    You can filter results based on:

    • File type: choose from COBOL programs, copybooks.
    • Only those files that cause build errors.
    • Only those files that cause build warnings.

    You can control the scope of your search:

    • Workspace - searches entire workspace.
    • Selected resources - searches only the resource currently being edited or highlighted in the tree view.
    • Enclosing projects - if the editor is focussed on a resource or resources are highlighted in the tree view, then the search is within the entire project containing the resources.
    • Current program - searches the resource currently being edited, as well as within any copybooks used by the resource.
    • Working set - see Working Sets for more information.
  • Select Search > Run Stored Micro Focus Search Query and choose to find either:
    • Only those files that cause build errors.
    • Only those files whose properties override the project's properties (for example Language dialect or Compile for debugging settings).

Whichever way you use the Micro Focus search the results are shown in the Search view. More information on each of the columns is displayed in a ToolTip when you move the mouse pointer over the column headers.

After you have performed a search you can edit the properties of any of the program files listed in the search view. You can even simultaneously edit the properties of multiple program files which have compilation settings available on them, that is program files rather than copybooks. Highlight the files you want to change, right-click Properties, and then check Enable file specific settings. Change the file properties as required and then click OK.

You can save your search criteria and give it a label which is added to the list of stored queries available when you select Search > Run Stored Micro Focus Search Query:
  1. In the Search tab, click Save the Current Search.

    This opens the Add Micro Focus Search dialog box.

  2. In the Search label field, type a search label.
    • You can assign a keyboard shortcut by typing the required keystrokes in the Binding field.
    • Optionally, you can modify the current search criteria.
  3. Click OK.

    The search label is added to the list under Search > Run Stored Micro Focus Search Query.

You can also add, edit, and remove your searches from Window > Preferences > Micro Focus > Search.

Note: Do not open the Keys preferences page (Window > Preferences > General > Keys) while editing the binding in the Search preferences page. Opening the Keys preferences page will prevent any changes you make to the search bindings from being saved.