Cleaning a project

By default, Eclipse automatically builds a project every time you save resources, but doesn't clean it. Cleaning a project discards all build problems and build states.
Tip: To turn off automatic building, select Window > Preferences > General > Workspace and clear the Build automatically check box.
  1. Make sure your project is highlighted in the COBOL Explorer view, and click Project > Clean .

    The Clean wizard is displayed.

  2. Select Clean all projects to clean all projects in the workspace, or select the individual projects to clean.
  3. If you have not configured Eclipse to build automatically you will have additional options relating to a build, after cleaning:
    • Start a build immediately - enable this option to invoke a build after cleaning. This option enables the two further options.
    • Build the entire workspace - all projects, whether they have been cleaned or not, are built.
    • Build only the selected projects - only those cleaned will be built.
  4. Click Clean.

    The selected projects are cleaned.