This standard runtime function validates values of all fields/controls on the panel. This is the same validation RM/Panels performs when a user enters a value into a field/control. VALIDATE ALL FIELDS provides a way to validate the values of fields/controls that the user has not yet entered or fields/controls that acquired values from some means other than user input.

VALIDATE ALL FIELDS validates each field/control in sequence of entry order until all fields/controls have been validated or an invalid field/control is found. If an invalid field/control is found, its name and occurrence number are reported to the application program. The application program determines what action to take next, either displaying an error message or reentering the field/control.

Required Parameters


Returned Values

If no fields/controls are found to be invalid, RMP--VALID-INPUT is TRUE. If an invalid field/control is found, RMP--INVALID-INPUT is TRUE; RMP--FIELD-NAME is set to the name of the field/control; and RMP--FIELD-OCCUR is set to the field/control occurrence. Occurrence numbers are equivalent to COBOL subscripts and begin at 1.

Additional Usage Notes

This standard runtime function provides the ability to validate all panel fields/controls when the user has completed input. It is especially useful to detect required fields/controls that have not been entered.


Status value Description
0 The function executed successfully.
5 The panel is not in this library
6 The library does not exist.
14 A COBOL input/output error was encountered on the panel library during execution of this function. To determine the exact nature of the I/O error, use the C$RERR subprogram.