OpenESQL Configuration Utility for Default SQL Cursor Behavior

Use the OpenESQL Configuration utility to change the default behavior for the SQL(BEHAVIOR) directive. OpenESQL uses the default set in the utility only when SQL(BEHAVIOR) is not set explicitly in one of the following places:

When you specify the SQL(BEHAVIOR) directive in any of these places, the value you specify overrides the default set using the OpenESQL Configuration utility.

You can run this utility, using its user-interface implementation (applies to Windows environments only) or its command-line implementation (esqlconfig command), on each machine where you have installed Visual COBOL. Do this to change the default for the SQL(BEHAVIOR) directive before attempting to compile programs that do not specify the SQL(BEHAVIOR) directive in one or more of the above-referenced places. You need not run the utility again even after installing software upgrades; however, if you need to change the default behavior at any time, you can run the utility to do so as often as necessary.

Using the OpenESQL Configuration utility, you can set the default behavior to one of the following options: