Using Remote System Explorer (RSE)

Restriction: This functionality requires Visual COBOL Development Hub.
The Remote System Explorer (RSE) is a perspective and toolkit in the Eclipse IDE Workbench that allows you to connect and work with a variety of remote systems. With the predefined plug-ins you can:
  • look at remote file systems
  • transfer files between hosts
  • perform remote searches
  • execute commands
  • work with processes
Important: If you use one of the non-Micro Focus connection types (for example 'Linux' or 'Unix') from the Remote System Explorer perspective to create a connection, choose SSH as the file system provider if you intend to use the connection for remote projects whose file system is RSE. You do this by selecting ssh.files in the Configuration box at the Files step of the wizard. Selecting a different file system provider will cause performance and stability problems. The remote host must have SSH installed and enabled.

RSE is a feature supplied by the Eclipse Foundation. Extensive documentation on RSE, including architecture, API, tutorials and reference can be found on the Eclipse website.

Restriction: The following tools do not work with files that are part of a remote project created using the Remote System Explorer (RSE) connection type:
  • BMS Painter
  • BMS Compiler
  • All Classic Data File Tools
  • IMS Database editor and segment layout editor
  • Mainframe Assembler compiler