This tool checks out SVN repository items. It can be configured to use the standard Subclipse Checkout from SVN wizard or simply check out selected entries as Eclipse projects.

Note: Mass processing is supported.


Attribute Type Description
Use Wizard Boolean Specifies whether the standard Subclipse Checkout from SVN wizard should be used for the checkout operation.

If set to false, selected resources will be checked out with the mode Check out into the workspace as projects. By default, the projects are created at the default workspace location. This can be changed by setting the Custom Target Location parameter.

The default value is true.

Parameter Name I/O Type Description
Location [M] I String / Mass Processing Full path to the SVN repository entry.
Custom Target Location [O] I String Only visible if the attribute Use Wizard is set to false. This enables you to specify a custom file system location for projects of checked out resources to be created. If the parameter is not specified, the tool creates the projects at the default location, which is the active workspace path.