To export an enterprise server instance

Restriction: This topic applies only when the Enterprise Server feature is enabled.

You can export the definition of an enterprise server instance from Visual COBOL into a single XML file or as a set of files packaged as a .zip archive. You can transfer the XML or .zip file to other machines and import the server into other instances of Visual COBOL.

To export an enterprise server instance:

  1. In Server Explorer, right-click the server you want to export and click Export Server.

    This starts the Export Server dialog box which shows the following details for exporting the server:

    Server name
    The server name as it appears in Server Explorer.
    Work location
    Specify the location where the server definition file will be saved.
    Verbose output
    Check this to view detailed information in the Output window during the server export.
    Create zip file
    Check this to export the server definition file as a .zip archive that contains a number of files.

    If this is not checked, the server definition file will be saved in XML format.

  2. Specify the required details and click OK.