AWM API packages

This topic details the packages and their corresponding classes that make up the AWM API.

The following table lists the packages and their corresponding class description:

Package Description
com.microfocus.awm.control Contains classes for executing AWM actions, for example, ActionExecutor.
com.microfocus.awm.core Contains central helper classes (for example, TaurusUtility) and implementations of AWM interfaces.
com.microfocus.awm.model Contains interfaces which provide access to AWM managed resources at run-time, such as, AWM applications, elements, element lists, filters, file descriptors, actions, tools, properties, master configuration, and so on.
com.microfocus.awm.meta.interfaces This package provides access to the AWM modeled data, such as, AWM action descriptors, application options, element list structures, element types, file descriptors, filter types, function packages, global actions, icons, tool descriptors, and so on.
com.microfocus.awm.meta.modelextension This package provides access to the AWM modeled data which is supported by extension point implementations, such as, the definition of a function package, linked element type, linked property, tool type extensions, and so on.
com.microfocus.awm.remote This package contains interfaces which provide access to a mainframe system connection, file attribute, and file data as well as code page information.

For a detailed description of the AWM API:

  1. Open the Java program editor.
  2. Hover over a class of the API.
    Class information
  3. Position the cursor in the help dialog box, and then click Open Attached Javadoc in a Browser.

    This opens a browser window with the Java documentation of the API class in another editor page:

    Technical Documentation