Generates a warning when an overlapping PERFORM range is detected in the program.
Restriction: This directive is supported for JVM COBOL only.


    +-/-+ +-NO-+




Default: Not set
Phase: Any
IDE equivalent None


In the example below, the PERFORM ranges a thru c, c thru f and f [thru f] overlap each other. By setting ILSHOWPERFORMOVERLAP, two warnings are produced: COBCH1663 to indicate the start of the first affected range and the number of overlapping PERFORM ranges, and COBCH1664 to indicate the start of each range affected.

$set ilshowperformoverlap
 perform a thru c.
 perform c thru f.
 perform f.
                               *> errors are displayed as follows:
 a section.
 display "Running section a.". *> COBCH1663E Overlapping perform range: 3 entries
                               *> COBCH1664E    perform range: a thru c
 b section.
 display "Running section b.".
 c section.                    *> COBCH1664E    perform range: c thru f
 display "Running section c.".
 d section.
 display "Running section d.".
 e section.
 display "Running section e.".
 f section.                    *> COBCH1664E    perform range: f thru f
 display "Running section f.".