UNIX Publish

The UNIX Publish feature is superseded by the remote development functionality in Visual COBOL for Eclipse. You use the Eclipse IDE on a local machine as the development interface. You use Visual COBOL Development Hub on a remote development server where you host your source code.

With Visual COBOL, you store and develop your applications on a remote UNIX machine. You use a Windows or Linux-based Eclipse client to connect to the remote machine and you compile and debug the source code directly on it. Use Eclipse features such as the COBOL and Remote Systems Explorer perspectives within the IDE to background check syntax as well as build and debug your COBOL programs. As in other Micro Focus products, you use COBOL-specific projects to aid your everyday development activities within the IDE. This provides familiar functionality for editing, compiling, and debugging, complete with comprehensive COBOL Help.

For details, see Using Eclipse for Remote COBOL Development in the product Help.