Changes to ID Definitions

The modification of an ID definition or the reference of element types to an ID definition is a special modification case if the application supports persistent local files to elements (e.g. check-out). Elements that should be edited locally will be created under a unique path in the workspace that is derived from the ID definition. If the ID definition has been changed, any local file which exists at the time of the new AWM replacement can no longer be reached via integrated tools. Changes to ID definitions should therefore be avoided wherever possible.

In order to avoid data losses, a backup folder is generated at every update of the AWM. This contains all the locally stored content of the corresponding application before the update (including the cache). If a user has elements in local processing at the time of an update in which ID definitions will change, he can restore these manually from the backup path by modifying the new folder structure.


Local Application Data after an ID Definition Update

Here, you can see the file path of the local checked-out element TESTC1 before the update (red) and after it (blue). The new folder structure (blue) has been created manually.

Note: Cached files are there as well but not shown in this picture.