Get Resource Children


This tool returns the children of an Eclipse resource via a file descriptor. The returned children can be filtered by an optional input parameter.

Tool Attribute:

Attribute Type Description
Folder Matchname [M] String The match name to be used by the tool to identify Eclipse folders. The default value is ECLIPSE_FOLDER.
File Matchname [M] String The match name to be used by the tool to identify Eclipse files. The default value is ECLIPSE_FILE.


Parameter Name I/O Type Description
Eclipse Resource ID [M] I String The Eclipse resource ID.
Eclipse Resource Filter [O] I String A regular expression to filter the returned children. The default value is .*.
Resource Children [M] O File A file descriptor pointing to the result file containing the returned children of the given Eclipse resource.

The output file descriptor should be of type InputStream and have the following structure:

Label Target ID
Resource Identifier [M] The Eclipse path of the child resource.
Element Type [M] The match name used to identify the AWM element type.

Using the attributes Folder Matchname and File Matchname provides a flexible way of associating Eclipse resources to modeled element types. If you want to associate Eclipse files to different AWM element types with only one Get Resource Children tool, you must use a relationship Custom Match Name to map file suffixes to match names.


If an Eclipse folder contains COBOL files and the AWM model contains different element types for COBOL programs. In this scenario it is not sufficient to use the attributes Folder Matchname and File Matchname; it is necessary to define the Custom Match Name relationship as described below.

Relationship Cardinality   Description
Custom Match Name 0..* Mapping to return a custom match name for Eclipse files with a certain suffix.

Custom Match Name Relationship

If you need to create elements of different element types, you can define "custom match name" complex attributes for the tool.

Attribute Type Description
Suffixes String List of suffixes, separated by blank, to return the custom match name for.
Match Name String The match name to be returned for Eclipse files with a matching suffix.