Advanced Recovery Logging

When advanced recovery logging is enabled, you have more control over how you back up and recover your data files.

There are two types of recovery available when you have enabled advanced recovery logging:

Rollback recovery
A fast recovery method suited to application failures. In the event of system failures, you can only use this if you have enabled additional logging features, which do have an effect on day-to-day Fileshare performance.
Rollforward recovery
A recovery method suitable for all types of failure, and does not require the additional flushing features.

Advanced recovery logging can be configured to use only the rollback method, or to use both methods.

With advanced recovery logging enabled, you can have more control over recovery by using a user exit procedure (fsexitproc.cbl), and you are able to view the log file in a user-readable format.

Advanced logging also enables you to take more regular backups, using the hot backups option, which doesn't require you to shut down Fileshare.

The Database sequence numbering, and automatic backup and recovery options are not available when advanced logging is enabled.