Running the Application

Running an application that you develop in Eclipse requires that you first create a launch configuration. To create a run configuration and run the application:
  1. Select your project in the COBOL Explorer view and from the main menu click Run > Run Configurations

    The Run Configurations dialog box is displayed.

  2. Create a new launch configuration in one of the following ways:
    • Double-click the COBOL Application tree item, or
    • Click the COBOL Application tree item, and then click New launch configuration (New launch configuration).
    This creates a new COBOL launch configuration with tictac loaded as the project to use and New_Configuration.bin/tictac.exe (Windows) or New_Configuration.bin/tictac (UNIX) as the main program to run.
  3. In the Name field, type a name for the launch configuration.

    In this instance, just the name of the project will suffice, but you can have multiple launch configurations, with multiple uses, for one project, and in those case you may need to be more descriptive with the name.

  4. Click Run.

    This starts the application by opening a console window. Follow the instructions in the window to play the game.

  5. To stop the application, close the console window.