COBOL Core Dump

Use a COBOL Core Dump debug configuration to save a core dump file when your application crashes. You must do this in combination with the run-time tunable core_on_error, which specifies in what circumstances a core file is produced. The options are:

COBOL Project
The project that will be used while debugging.

You can debug a core dump file without a project. You need to specify the location of the debug symbols file (.idy) on the other tabs of the debug configuration.

Core Dump File
Enter the location of where a core file is stored. If you only specify the directory, and no filename, Eclipse will prompt you for the filename when the debugger starts. The filename is cblcore (Windows), or core or core.<pid> (UNIX) by default, but you can change this using the core_filename run-time tunable.
Executables Location
Identify a working directory. You can set this automatically to whichever directory you chose to store the core dump file.