Configuring syntax coloring

You can specify default color schemes or customize your own:
  1. Click Window > Preferences > Micro Focus > COBOL > Editor > Syntax Coloring.
  2. Choose your preferred color scheme from the Color Scheme list.

    The coloring of the code in the Preview pane changes to the selected scheme.

    • You can customize elements in the scheme. In the Elements list, click the element you want to customize:
      • To customize the color:
        1. Click Color Editor.

          This opens the Color dialog box.

        2. Click the color of your choice from the selection of basic colors.
          • Alternatively, click Define Custom Colors, and choose your preferred color from a more extensive palette.
        3. Click OK.

          The element color changes in the Preview pane.

      • To customize the element font style, check one or more of the style check boxes.
    • To disable the colorization of inactive code, uncheck Colorize inactive code as directive.
      Note: Colorization of inactive code requires background parsing to be enabled.
  3. Click Apply and Close.