Analyze Model

You can analyze an AWM model that is open in the model editor. This will provide information on the count of referenced objects and their parents. To analyze a model, click Model Editor > Analyze Model. This opens the Model Analysis dialog box.

The resulting dialog box displays the number of cross references of each referenced object in descending order. This can be used to identify intensively used objects enabling you to identify the aspects of the model that might benefit from simplification or refactoring.

Refactoring a model might be necessary in order to improve maintainability or improve the performance of loading the model or editing it in the model editor.

A common reason for high reference counts can be a result of redundant visible or enabled conditions, for example, many element actions that have a similar complex condition:

In order to reduce the reference count, this condition could be specified by the use of a single Regular Expression condition. For example:

In order to improve maintainability, you could consider specifying a new element type "ELE_SourceFile", which would not require the condition for any of its actions, or a "PROP_IsSourceFile" could be used for more efficient conditions. Bear in mind that the inverse might be the case. A model could have more element types than necessary. In this case, you might reduce the reference count by merging the different element types into one element type and specify conditional actions and/or properties.