Get Eclipse Projects


This tool returns a file descriptor pointing to a file that contains all Eclipse projects that meet the specified nature and repository provider criterion, if specified.

Note: All closed projects defined in the workspace are returned even if they do not meet the specified nature.

Tool Attribute:

Attribute Type Description
Eclipse Project Matchname [M] String The match name to be used by the tool to identify Eclipse projects. The default value is ECLIPSE_PROJECT.
Project Name Filter [O] [2] String Project name pattern (regular expression) to specify that only projects with matching names are returned.

The default value is .*

Repository Provider Filter [O] String The repository provider to be used to filter result of the Get Eclipse Projects tool. This attribute is optional. Valid values are, for example, "com.accurev.ide.eclipse.AccuRevProvider" to filter AccuRev projects, "org.tigris.subversion.subclipse.core.svnnature" to filter Subclipse projects, or "org.eclipse.egit.core.GitProvider" to filter EGit projects.

Filtering by the Repository Provider Filter attribute is intended to display only projects which are shared by a certain source management system, for example, AccuRev, SVN, GIT, and so on.

To get the value for the Repository Provider Filter attribute, in Visual COBOL, open the Plug-ins view. Find the plug-in for the Repository Provider plug-in that refers to the extension "". Typically, the core plug-in of the Repository Provider plug-in refers to the extension.

Repository Provider Plugins

Open the plug-in and navigate to the Extensions tab. Expand the extension and select the repository provider. The value of the id: attribute in the Extension Element Details tab is the repository provider id that is required.

Repository Provider Extensions


Parameter Name I/O Type Description
Eclipse Project Nature ID [M] I String Specifies a regular expression filtering the Eclipse projects by project nature.

Projects with matching nature(s) are returned. The regular expression is matched against all natures of each project concatenated with the pipe delimiter "|".

For example, if an Eclipse project has the two natures "org.eclipse.jdt.core.javanature" and "org.eclipse.pde.PluginNature", the project nature ID filter is matched against the string: "org.eclipse.jdt.core.javanature|org.eclipse.pde.PluginNature"

In order to obtain all projects with the nature "org.eclipse.jdt.core.javanature", the following regular expression can be used: ".*org\.eclipse\.jdt\.core\.javanature.*"

The default value is ".*", which returns all projects.

Workspace Projects [M] O File Specifies file descriptor pointing to the result file containing the returned Eclipse projects.

The output file descriptor should be of type InputStream and have the following structure:

Label Target ID
Resource Identifier [M] The Eclipse Resource ID of the project.
Element Type [M] A Match Name identifying the AWM element type.