Filter Data Types[3]

The following list of data types are available when adding a new filter:

Data Type Description
CH Characters (Pic X display) * Also applicable for normal plain text search
SS Substring search (Pic X display) * Also applicable for normal substring search
Displayed Numeric
NU Numerics (Pic 9 display) * Also applicable for numerics in plain text
ZD Zoned decimal, signed (Pic S9 display)
CLO/OL Signed numeric, leading overpunch sign (Pic S9 leading included)
CTO/OT Signed numeric, trailing overpunch sign (Pic S9 trailing included)
CSL/LS Signed numeric, leading separate sign (Pic S9 leading separate)
CST/TS Signed numeric, trailing separate sign (Pic S9 trailing separate)
Packed Numeric
PD Packed decimal, signed (Pic S9 Comp-3)
PD0 Packed decimal, with sign and first digit ignored
C6 (Comp-6)
Binary Numeric
C5 (Pic 9 Comp-5)
S5 (Pic S9 Comp-5)
CX (Comp-X)
BI Binary, unsigned (Comp)
FI Fixed point, signed (Comp)
FL Floating point, signed (Comp-1, Comp-2)